Irena Zilic – The Moon

Irena Zilic hails from Zagreb, Croatia, which means that her musical influences and exposures are probably somewhat different from other indie-folk artists. I say “probably” because there is no bio to give us her background. I do know that Irena has been about and making indie-influenced pop/folk tunes since sometime in 2012, when her first 4-song EP, Days Of Innocence,  came out. She then released an LP, titled Travelling (September 2014) which contained 3 of the 4 tracks from the EP. The latest long-player, Haze (March 2017), is the origin of The Moon (seen/heard here). 

You can find all the information that there is to find on Irena Zilic by visiting her website or slip to the site for digital purchases of her music. 

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