James Elkington – Make It Up

James Elkington is someone you’ve probably never heard of but yet you’ve heard plenty from. That’s because Mr. Elkington has played in several well-known bands, collaborating with such artists as Richard Thompson and James Tweedy. His finger-style guitar licks are a magical bit of musical sorcery here on Make It Up, the lead-off track from Elkington’s forthcoming debut solo LP, Wintres Woma, which is ‘the sound of winter’ in old English. [The record is due to be released on June 30, 2017, but due to forward posting, it has not been released at the time of this writing.]

There’s not enough of the long-player available at the time of this writing to give a more thorough look at the contents of Wintres Woma, but we will try to swing back in a few weeks to take another look. Another track that is available now is Sister Of Mine, a more laid back introspective tune than Make It Up, which shows off Elkington’s diverse interests and styles.

You can find more information on James Elkington by reading his bio page on the label page for Paradise Of Bachelors here, or pickup Wintres Woma on the site for the label.

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