JB Elwood – Far Away

Released today, November 8, Far Away (heard here) from JB Elwood is a pop-rock earworm worthy of repeat play!  It’s a song about leaving home in search of your dreams. Sure, that song has been written many times, but Elwood breathes a firey breath of new life into the narrative. 

While his stated influences include Slash and Guns N’ Roses, I can’t hear those influences on Far Away. Instead, I hear a fresh sound, a wonderful singable song, and a refrain that clings to you like honey even after the song is over. It’s a recipe for success if people like y’all will just prepare to purchase or stream everything he has available. 

Elwood earns structured technique, and his stage name, from his late grandfather John Elwood Ball, a visionary entrepreneur, and inherits his musical chops from his grandfather on the other side, Eugene “Poppy” Jackson, a self-taught musician who gave JB Elwood his Gibson Dove guitar. That guitar still plays a large part in Elwood’s songwriting. 

JB Elwood
JB Elwood

There is no one-stop shop for all things JB Elwood, unfortunately. No website that links to everything else. You can find more information by checking out his Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify sites. There’s only a handful of singles out there at the moment. Stream them all and give JB Elwood a leg up!