The Magpie Arc – Jack Frost

While Jack Frost (seen/heard here) is from The Magpie Arc’s November 2022 LP, Glamour In The Grey, the progressive folk-rock group has just released (November 3, 2023) their digital download-only Anthology, which includes their first 3 EPs plus Glamour In The Grey in their entirety as a single 22-track offering. If you need an introduction to this magnificent band’s inventive, creative, and powerful sound, look no further!

Jack Frost is the work of the late folk artist Mike Waterson, who wrote it back in the early 1970s. As with many folk songs, it is a powerful story:

Countless drawings, endless sketches
On my window pane.
Master craftsman, skilled engraver,
Jack Frost is his name.

From the cold wastes of Siberia,
Every winter he has come.
Never failing in his duty
Till the winter time is gone.

Napoleon, he came to Moscow
Sure of its defeat
Sprang the bear, as flew the eagle,
Came the grand retreat.

Three hundred thousand marched on Moscow,
Never thinking it would fail,
Three hundred thousand marched to Moscow
To perish in the blizzards and the gale.

There’s much more. The Magpie Arc’s interpretation brings to the forefront the urgency and sadness of the song, adding textural instrumental elements that breathe new life into these historic words.

The Magpie Arc are Nancy Kerr (vocals, fiddle, strings), Findlay Napier (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars), Tom Wright (vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards, programming), Alex Hunter (electric bass guitar), and Martin Simpson (vocals, electric guitars). You can find out more about the band by visiting their website. Included there are all of the purchase and social links you require, including bundle pricing for CD and vinyl and other swag. All of their music is available for sale on their site.

Get a fine introduction to this band by purchasing and downloading the great Anthology set!