Jenie Thai – Night On Fire

I dare you-NO, double-dog dare you, to listen to Edmonton, Alberta’s Jenie Thai without moving!  Night On Fire is the title track to Jenie’s September 2018, long-player, and it simply rocks! And that band!!  Tight, full, absolute soul-blues masters here, while Jenie, hammers the keyboard into rockin’ blues submission!

The LP itself is spot on in every aspect. Dreamers and Lovers was the first single released from the long-player back in June, and it simply oozes smooth.  Track two, Sugar, is just right for your tea. I’m not going to touch on every track, but people, there are no slouches here, just hand-crafted soul gems a full-on knock-out band, Jenie’s beautiful vocals, and a whole new reason to listen to music again.  

You can find some information on Jenie Thai by heading up to her website, but it isn’t quite up-to-date. The new long-player is nowhere to be found there. Jenie burst on the music scene with the EP, Lady Flower, in 2011, followed that up with her first long-player, Only The Moon, in 2013, and then apparently went on tour and just didn’t find the time to record again until this year. Her full music collection is available from CD-Baby or you can pick up Night On Fire and Only The Moon digitally on her link

You must pick up some Jenie Thai music and then go dancing in your living room!  Go! Do it now!