The Laszlo Project – Kyoto Rain

If you are unfamiliar with The Laszlo Project but know about the sound that  Lydian Collective makes, then there will be an immediate connection to this music. The reason is that The Laszlo Project is the side project of Lydian Collective founder, Aaron Wheeler. He is joined here by Lydian Collective drummer, Sophie AllowaySimon Joyner on trumpet, Michael Underwood on saxophone, and Phoebe Wright-Spinks, vocals. Phoebe uses her vocals as an instrument here and you will swear this is a 100% instrumental track!

Like Lydian Collective’s music, The Laszlo Project is what Vodka has termed “joyful jazz.” It isn’t pure jazz. It’s an amalgamation of more than one type of music, often combining genres that are disparate and making them work together. They /do/ work together, too! Aaron Wheeler is a melody-driven composer, who knows the fun of jazz but refuses to be bound to it like a slave. This result is absolutely some of the best instrumental music that you’ll hear anywhere! Vodka hasn’t included tons of instrumental music over the years. I have always preferred a lyric overall, but there ARE exceptions and The Laszlo Project and Lydian Collective are two of those!

Kyoto Rain (heard here) (February 2021) is one of a handful of singles available.  The Laszlo Project has one LP from 2011, Radial Nerve, as well. You can find more information on The Laszlo Project by heading up to the website, which though sparse in content, contains everything (biography, music, social links) required. You can purchase music from the Bandcamp or apple music links also available on the website

Pick up some great instrumental music from The Laszlo Project and smile!

Note: In many areas, things are opening up again, with Covid-19 vaccinations helping to ebb the flow of the virus, But artists like The Laszlo Project and many others are still struggling to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka