Pharis & Jason Romero – A Wanderer I’ll Stay

Pharis and Jason Romero make country esque traditional folk, with wonderful two-part harmonies and spare instrumentation.  A Wanderer I’ll Stay, title track to the duo’s March 2015 long-player, pairs the two on acoustic guitars with those all important harmonies front and center.  

Making music together since 2007, the two have combined their love for simple acoustic instrumentation, story telling and traditional folk music into a wealth of successes. They have released three records since 2007, each a study in the best of traditional folk styles. While some of their music can also be categorized as country, it comes without the annoying whine of some country music, which for Vodka, makes it palatable and pleasing.  

You can find more information on Pharis and Jason Romero by visiting their web site.  You can pick up the duo’s music in digital and hard copy from their link.

Check out this great traditional folk duo now!