Phall Fatale – The Girl, The Beat

Delightfully odd,  Phall Fatale and The Girl The Beat from the forthcoming long-player, Moonlit Bang Bang, due out January 2016, is full of unique rhythms, electronics, an accessible and infectious melody and humor.  Phall Fatale is from Lucerne, Switzerland and has a history of making wildly experimental music, full of electronically generated noise, traditional instruments and melodies that are sometimes not so accessible. For that reason, I have to reserve judgement on the entire offering until it comes out.  

That said, The Girl The Beat is so infectious, that I’ve found the song repeating in my head day after day since I first heard the song and stuck the video in my drafts folder.  This is the sort of song that will seep into your being and just sit there, ready to come out and play again in your head at any time.

If you are the adventurous type, consider a pre-order of Moonlit Bang Bang from the band’s label site. At minimum, you should pick up The Girl The Beat as it deserves to be picked up and listened to often. (if not on your player, then in your head!) You can find more information on Phall Fatale from their Facebook page.