Smooth Hound Smith – Dog in A Manger

Vodka has been a fan of Smooth Hound Smith ever since we discovered the duo’s California Sway clear back in 2013Dog In A Manager (seen/heard here) is from the duo’s latest long-player and is without a doubt, the most understated track I’ve ever covered by them. 

Roots rock and Americana influences are the mainstays of Smooth Hound Smith. Zack Smith and Caitlin Doyle plot a course that is not really country and not really rock and heavily blues-influenced. They demonstrate pleasing and easy cooperation between each other that is developed over years of working together and sharing this experience. The duo has released three long-players to date, which include the self-titled long-player (2013), Sweet Tennessee Honey (2016), and now Dog In A Manger (2019). The duo tours extensively in support of their music and, just given the energy of some of the music we’ve reviewed here, their live shows have to be very entertaining. 

You can find all of Vodka’s Smooth Hound Smith posts by clicking this link or head up to the band’s website for complete tour information, and purchase options for Dog In A Manger and other music and merchandise. You can find only their original self-titled long-player on in digital download form only.

Consider a purchase of some great foot-stompin’ Americana music from a duo that has been doing it very well for over six years. Pick up some Smooth Hound Smith now!