Vera Jonas – Game

Vera Jonas has had the long-player Game (October 2013) in the planning stages for awhile, it would seem, as this video of the title track reveals from two years prior. None the less, it’s not how quickly you release music, it’s how well you do it and-even better-how you do it differently than everyone else. Vera Jonas, does, in fact, do it differently. 

Game uses a bluesy melodic hook, combined with strong rhythms and Vera’s dynamic and expressive vocals to paint a musical picture that sticks. It’s definitely dance music as is exhibited here, since the video for Game is simply a collection of dance moves-all done in beat with the music by a horde of different people. It works well as a vehicle for this song.

If there’s an odd flair to Vera’s music, perhaps it is the influences she gets from  her home in Budapest, Hungary. Whatever the reason, Ms. Jonas’ brand of pop music is decidedly different and infinitely listenable. 

Take a listen to the video above, and then click over to her link and check out the long player. You can find additional information on Vera Jonas by visiting her fairly complete (would love to have had a bio) web site. Check out this amazing experimental pop artist now!