Meiko – I Do

Remember Paul McCartney’s lyrics to Silly Love Songs?

 “You’d think that people would have had enough of silly love songs
I look around me and I see it isn’t so
Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs
And what’s wrong with that
I’d like to know”

Place Meiko in that same camp, And she’s bound and determined to fill the world with as many silly love songs as possible. Enter Meiko’s latest release, Moving Day (June 2016), and that subject matter is found front and center in the lead-off track, I Do (seen/heard here), and at least half of the rest of the tracks on Moving Day. Each song is done up in Meiko’s pleasant song construction style with her sweet alto vocals providing the punctuation to those lyrics.

Meiko has been making pleasant and friendly music since her debut self-titled release in 2008, releasing two other long-players and an EP in the years preceding Moving Day. Vodka’s favorite track on the latest collection is the slightly more complex I Can’t Tell, but all the tracks on this collection are more than a little listenable. 

If you are among those unfamiliar with Meiko’s music, it’s time to give her music a fighting chance. You can purchase Moving Day from her buy link on her website, or purchase it digitally from her link. You can find Meiko on all of the most popular social media outlets as well and available to link to from her website

In need of a silly love song or two? Check out Meiko now!