Stephanie Mabey – Heart-Shaped Hologram

Stephanie Mabey graced the pages of Vodka for a brief moment back in October 2012, with her lyric video for The Zombie Song, for the long-player, Wake Up Dreaming. It’s been a long wait, but now, four years and change later, there is a very interesting EP available, I Still Taste Fire (September 2016), from which Heart-Shaped Hologram (seen/heard here) comes.

Stephanie’s voice has always been pleasing and her tunes resonate with singable melodies and refrains. What sets her apart here from herself back in 2012 and from other pop songwriters, is a new penchant for writing material that is different and fresh. Heart-Shaped Hologram, title track I Still Taste Fire, and Til You Say So are just three examples here of an artist determined to step outside of her comfort zone and make a fresh start. Vodka loves the new depth of these five tracks!

You can find more information on Stephanie Mabey by visiting her website, which includes all of the social and purchase links. You can pick up digital and (for a short time) physical copies of the EP from along with the earlier Wake Up Dreaming

Check out a pop artist who is truly trying to reinvent her sound. Stephanie Mabey shows great promise – again!