Tattletale Saints – Complicated Man

Don’t give up… The video starts about one minute in and it’s worth the wait. Complicated Man is included on Tattletale Saints new full-length (March 2014) How Red Is The Blood. This wondrous modern folk duo, combine the edginess of alt-pop with the story telling of traditional folk to create a sound-image collage while you listen. 

Like any good story worth its salt, Tattletale Saints weave yarns that keeps you engaged. Musically, the masterful guitar works of Cy Winstanley and the low bass tones from double-bassist Vanessa McGowan combined with their engaging and spot-on two-part harmonies are as captivating as the stories themselves. 

You can find more information on Tattletale Saints by visiting their web site or consider picking up a digital copy of How Red Is The Blood from their site. If you’d prefer a hard copy or like your digital a wee bit more i-Tuneified, you can find all the purchase links on their web site. Check out this amazing modern folk duo now!