SHEL – Rooftop

SHEL is the sisters Holbrook as a mnemonic and SHEL is also a powerful alternative pop-folk band, alive with creativity! Members Sarah, Hannah, Eva, and Liza are positively fraught with talent, blending their cool harmonies with acoustic and electronic instruments that are fun and functional. The latest long-player, Just Crazy Enough (May 2016) is full of beauty and energy as highlighted by Rooftop (seen/heard here). 

Though all of the sisters share vocal duties, lead vocal falls to the pretty and sometimes plaintive pipes of Eva. Instrumentally, SHEL is well represented, with Sarah playing guitars and violin,  Hannah on keyboards, Eva on mandolin and guitar, and Liza providing the rhythm section with both drums and beatboxing. Nothing is blown out of proportion, which is saying a lot here, as the sisters had Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) creating some soundscapes and beats to enhance each track. That could have gone horribly wrong, but instead, the result is enhancement without overshadowing SHEL.

You can find more information on SHEL by visiting their nicely formatted website which includes all of the requisite social and purchase links. Check out these amazing sisters today and consider a purchase of their music!