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Carsie Blanton – Buck Up

     It’s been a while since Vodka first visited Carsie Blanton with the review for Laziest Girl In Town back in 2014, and Carsie has continued to inspire with her down-home pop goodness. Shunning recording industry standards, Blanton’s philosophy on music as a commodity is fresh.  Moreover, her views on the personal vs. political are more honest than most people who stand on the side of one party or another and scream the party line. More importantly, though, Carsie Blanton makes great music. Enter Buck Up (seen/heard here)  the title track of…

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Carsie Blanton – Smoke Alarm

 I know it is uncharacteristic of Vodka to do back to back postings from the same artist, but I’m making an exception here, with yet another post from Carsie Blanton. This is a great romp about life and shows the diversity of this wonderful singer-songwriter. Enter Smoke Alarm from her 2012 long-player Idiot Heart, and enjoy! Nuf said.  For more details on Carsie Blanton, refer to last weeks posting here. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/) 

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Carsie Blanton – Laziest Gal in Town

 A few months back, Carsie Blanton had a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create a record of smokey jazz standards from the first half of the 20th century. Not Old, Not New (June 2014), is the result of that successful campaign, and Cole Porter’s Laziest Gal In Town is from that amazing set. Carsie’s voice is well suited to these jazz gems, easily sliding where it needs to be, throaty and sultry. You can picture Carsie in a smoke filled…

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