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Tara Kelly – The River

     Do you remember country-pop-rock circa the 1970′s?  If so, then you will recognize the homage paid to that style in newcomer Tara Kelly’s new single, The River (seen/heard here). Reminiscent of the artists of that time, such as Linda Ronstadt, an artist that Kelly has been influenced by, it is a song about infidelity in the strictest form. It’s about the heartache of learning the truth and then dealing with it. To find out about this song and more, we caught up with Tara Kelly through her marketing agency and…

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Chelsea Williams – Red Flag

     Vodka Austin Favorite –  Chelsea Williams’ countrified pop was one of the artists that weren’t at the SXSW this year, due to the cancellation of the event because of the virus outbreak. You can still enjoy her music, though, by getting out there and purchasing some of her tunes!  Perhaps a little more Americana than Vodka usually likes, there’s just something about Williams that has me shelving my personal preferences for now. Could be it’s the attitude that she portrays, but more than likely it is that the music itself…

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Heart.Beats.Mind – Let Go

    Note: The original video no longer exists. Vodka found this audio-only version to replace it:  Full of positive energy and young optimism, Heart.Beats.Mind is a duo with a strong pop sensibility, clever song-craft, and great two-part harmonies. Their three-song mini EP, Let Go, (August 2014) is out now on bandcamp.com and what it lacks in length, is made up by sheer will and talent. The duo shares lead vocal roles with Jordan Millar taking lead here on the title track, Let Go, and the duo alternating…

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