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Waiting For Smith – Lost In Your Light

     This isn’t the first appearance of Waiting For Smith this year, and there’s a reason for that: The music that Harry Lloyd creates is beautiful, hopeful and melody-driven. Enter Lost In Your Light, yet another single from this amazing singer-songwriter that will make you thankful that he exists and hopeful that he will release a long player sometime in the near future! Lost In Your Light digs into the fears we all possess and says: You are not alone! The lyrics here paint a picture of the…

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Waiting For Smith – Lines of Love

     Waiting For Smith (Harry Lloyd) makes his second appearance on Vodka with the wonderful pop encouragement song, Lines Of Love. When we doubt, when we are lost, when we just don’t know, just having someone to talk to can make all the difference, and Lines Of Love takes you there. This is instant therapy for the soul, all propped up with a bouncy melody that lifts the spirit. Waiting For Smith binds this up-beat melody, with all of those feelings in the lyric, taking the negatives…

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Waiting For Smith – Long Life

     Lately, my inbox has been filling up with production companies making suggestions for coverage of certain artists. I welcome these, though only a small portion of them actually make it into the blog. Waiting For Smith’s new single, Long Life, is one of those that make the cut for me.  I want to be as honest as I possibly can about this track: Musically, it breaks no new ground, But Harry Lloyd (the man behind the moniker Waiting For Smith) sings this song in a playful, yet earnest…

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