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Pearl Charles – Only For Tonight

     Delightfully retro, Pearl Charles latest collection, Magic Mirror (January 2021), is a nod back to 70′s bubbly pop music. In a time when pop can sound,  and be, so manufactured that it ends up soulless, Charles rewinds to simpler, less produced, musical times. Remember what music was like when AM radio wasn’t full of talk idiots, but pop gems?  Well, you might not be old enough to remember that, but I certainly do, and Only For Tonight (seen/heard here) samples that ethos perfectly! Magic Mirror’s other tracks available as of…

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Micky James – Kings

     Rock may have taken a back-seat to a lot of newer genres of music, but there’s still a place for good rock and roll as exhibited here by Micky James anthem, Kings, the subject of which is: Take your country back before it’s too late! It’s a simple subject, and a timely message for a world gone completely nuts and politics gone deliberately sour. Though the anthem may be dire, the music is anything but. This is indeed an anthem, a raise-your-fist-in-the-air, singable, foot-stomping, toe-tapping anthem, that will have…

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The Shelters – You’re Different

     I fell instantly in love with this track as soon as I heard it on Serious XM Alt-Nation. So it was time to dig up as much information as I could find on The Shelters. Enter You’re Different (seen/heard here) from the band’s latest long-player, Jupiter Sidecar (September 2019). This song is so much fun and the long-player has plenty of depth, good rock and roll, and nice harmonies with an abundance of danceable and foot-stomping moments as well.  Jupiter Sidecar is twelve tracks of carefully produced rock,…

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