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Edan Archer – Six Wing Angel

     Thanks to a tweet from The High Divers (seen recently on Vodka)  who have shared some tour dates with Edan Archer of late, I took a listen and was simply blown away by this powerful voice. Six Wing Angel (seen/heard here) is from Edan’s debut long-player, Journey Proud (August 2019) and again, that voice will stop a person in their tracks!  Steeped in a version of Americana that could easily be part and parcel of New Orleans, Archer hails from Gainesville, Florida, and tools around Nashville as much as…

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Smooth Hound Smith – Dog in A Manger

     Vodka has been a fan of Smooth Hound Smith ever since we discovered the duo’s California Sway clear back in 2013.  Dog In A Manager (seen/heard here) is from the duo’s latest long-player and is without a doubt, the most understated track I’ve ever covered by them.  Roots rock and Americana influences are the mainstays of Smooth Hound Smith. Zack Smith and Caitlin Doyle plot a course that is not really country and not really rock and heavily blues-influenced. They demonstrate pleasing and easy cooperation between each…

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