We Are Leif – I’ve Found You

Vodka has a soft spot for spot-on jazz vocal performances and I’ve Found You is one of those magical moments. The track is part of We Are Leif’s debut long-player Breathe (September 2018) which is a collection of jazz melded with R&B and downtempo, (among others) and features the rich alto of Louise Victoria front and center. I’ve Found You builds on the beginning theme, and revels in love found in a glorious build-up to the finale. 

While I’ve Found You may be the stand-out track here, there is much to love about Breathe in its entirety. In fact, starting at the beginning and listening to the end will make you happier with your life. I’m not just saying that (well, maybe I am “saying that”, but there’s a reason), there is an underlying positivism that runs throughout these ten tracks. 

Songwriting duties fall to Louise and drummer, Mark Whitlam, and their understanding of jazz phrasing and harmonizing, makes these ten tracks a cohesive collection of individual songs that fit very well together. We Are Leif is fresh on the music scene, which means competition to be heard can be difficult. 

You can find more information on We Are Leif by visiting their website , which has all of the requisite links available. Both downloadable and physical copies of Breathe are available from the band’s store

Make your life better by picking up and listening to Breathe now! You’ll thank me!

Update: Vodka is proud to have been the first International customer for We Are Leif.