The Eden House – Bad Men

For those of you who follow this blog, you will know already that generally music highlighted here is in the folk/pop vein, with a smattering of soul and funk and just a touch of rock. Well make this one of those “touches.” Rock can be captivating, intriguing and full of mystery and that is just what Bad Men (OnTheirWayToDoBadThings) from the collaborative progressive rock project The Eden House is. Bad Men is from the March 2013 single available on

Bad Men sports driving guitars, hauntingly echoed vocals (provided by Monica Richards), minor key chord progressions (probably not accidental with Andy Jackson, former engineer for Pink Floyd and David Gilmour on the team) and a drummer (Simon Rippin) who’s energy provides the heart beat for the song. The Eden House was founded by Stephen Carey (guitar) who has been instrumental in advancing the prospects of the band Adoration and has been involved with music and production since the early 90’s.

I found Bad Men both intoxicating and haunting, but certainly worthy of this musical post. You can find more information on The Eden House by visiting the project web site. Check out this great rock band now!