Zaki Ibrahim – Cut Loose

Steeped in multi-genre influences, Zaki Ibrahim is a force of musical nature that refuses to be denied. As comfortable on the dance floor as in the living room, and as important as it is entertaining, the music that Zaki Ibrahim creates is moving on all levels.  Enter Cut Loose, from Ibrahim’s latest (March 2021) LP, The Secret Life Of Plants. Elements of 70′s styled R&B and pop are everywhere, and yet this is a modern offering, not a retro affair. What those influences contribute, so, too, do modern dance and funk.

Zaki Ibrahim is currently living in Toronto, but is truly a citizen of the world, having lived in many countries and locales around the world in her lifetime. This gives here a unique perspective on the world that seeps into her music. Where most might imagine the world, Ibrahim has actually been there. Her musical influences are the product of that same worldview, and this makes for truly interesting and accessible contributions. Known for taking long absences from releases, Ibrahim makes the wait worth the listener’s time and energy. Patience, it seems, is a virtue! 

You can find more information on Zaki Ibrahim by visiting her label page on Six Shooter Records or her website. Both sites link back to Ibrahim’s social networks, while the website will also link you to the most popular streaming sites. 

Check out some truly amazing music from an artist who has seen a lot of the world, and knows how to translate that into music for all. Pick up some Zaki Ibrahim music now!

Note: In many areas, things are opening up again, with Covid-19 vaccinations helping to ebb the flow of the virus, But artists like Zaki Ibrahim and many others are still struggling to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka