Sinnober – Strawberry Moon

 Once again, Vodka favorite Sinnober has dropped Strawberry Moon (December 15, 2022). With their signature blend of pop, laced with jazz and more, Natalie and Sebastian continue in their recent release of wonderful singles!

Sinnober hasn’t released an LP since October 2018. During the pandemic, life was complicated for all performing artists, and so it was with this duo as well. Not only were they dealing with the pandemic, but also with a young family and the demands that this places on a couple. In July 2021, the duo began releasing singles starting with Ophelia and following in November 2021 with From Afar. 2022 saw the duo release four singles, Missouri (January), It Meant Something To Me (April), Who’s Gonna Write Our Song (November), and finally Strawberry Moon (December). While many groups release singles, the quality of the Sinnober offerings exceeds most of their contemporaries. They take their time and work on the melody, the harmony, the instruments they want to include, and of course, the lyrics. Nothing is taken lightly. These two are perfectionists, and it shows!

On Strawberry Moon, the pattern of perfectionism continues. This little love song takes on the private feelings we often feel for our significant others: 

“And there you were
So unexpected
Your features all a blur
The piano silhouetted

Heat on my face
I think I’m gonna lose it
Cole Porter filling the space
Can you see right through it?

You know I share most every part of myself
But I’m keeping this one for me
I’m gonna lock you in my heart
And throw away the key

We talk, we talk
We talk and talk the night away
We talk, yeah we love to talk
Until we’ve talked the night to day”

Musically, this tune is full of a little jazzy pop. It fits perfectly with the lyrics and is just another great track from Sinnober. Will they release a new LP sometime in the near future? Only time will tell. In the meantime, these singles will carry you on, along with the duo’s LPs Sinnober (2015), Little Wars (2016), and Projection (2018). 

You can find more information on Sinnober by heading up to their website. Pick up all of the band’s music at their site.

Keep an eye on these two! They always create great music!