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Sinnober – It Meant Something To Me

     One of Vodka’s favorite indie-pop duos, Natalie and Sebastian Brice, better known as Sinnober, has been churning out some excellent singles of late. Enter It Meant Something To Me (heard here) which was released a little over a week ago, and could be the best new track yet. It’s the sort of song that will have your head bobbing while the melody gets stuck in your head on repeat as any good pop tune does.  The upbeat music belies the underlying message. It…

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Sinnober – From Afar

     Three months ago, Vodka was happy to have a new Sinnober single to review, Ophelia. It was beautiful and so great to have these two back making music again! Fast forward to today, and yet another single has dropped, From Afar (seen/heard here). Rather than just review it without any feedback, I really wanted to find out how things were going in the Sinnober world. I reached out to them and received a response from Natalie Brice to a few questions.  The questions and responses follow. I may edit…

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Sinnober – Ophelia

     One of  Vodka’s favorite duos, Sinnober, is back to making music again! It has been quite some time since Projection (October 2018). So what’s happened to the husband and wife team since then?  Well, they started a family, got caught up in the pandemic like everyone else, and simply had life to contend with. Enter Ophelia (July 2021) and you can already tell that the magic that these two create together is back 100%. Sinnober weaves a web of jazz, pop, and folk fusion that is truly unique. Ophelia features Natalie…

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