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The Corner Laughers – The Accepted Time

     Long-time Vodka readers may remember The Corner Laughers from a couple of previous posts starting more than 7 years ago. If not, know that this band has a real talent for capturing a retro-style of feel-good pop-folk Their style is delightful and accessible no matter what era you are from. Enter The Accepted Time (seen/heard here), from the band’s latest long-player, Temescal Telegraph (June 5, 2020), a finely crafted piece of pop genius. When you hear The Corner Laughers for the first time, you might think you are…

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2014: A look back at Vodka’s last 12 months

At the beginning of 2014, Vodka changed its video review timetable to once per week, which makes listing the top 40 tracks for the previous year seem pretty silly. Instead, this year we are just going to look back on what I think are some of Vodka’s high points, musically. As always, your mileage may vary.  Way back at the beginning of the year we posted Vera Jonas title track for her 2013 long-player, Game, a funky track with plenty of dance moves in the video. It is such a fun song, that it deserves mention again. Ten months ago or so, we…

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The Corner Laughers – Midsommar

 In the heat of Summer in the US it is nice to have a cool breeze and The Corner Laughers provide that cool with Midsommer. If you are among the uninitiated to The Corner Laughers, then also check out Vodka’s previous review for Bells Of El Camino, from about a year ago. There’s not much change in style here from the group’s earlier long-player, Poppy Seeds, but that does not matter. It’s as if 60’s folk-pop happened yesterday with Midsommer and all of…

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