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Little Hurricane – Mockingbird

     Ever wonder if a duo can really sound like a full band? Little Hurricane has always made that perfectly evident. Their music is usually raw, edgy, dirty blues-infused rock and roll. This little duo is one of Vodka’s favorites. If you have reason to doubt that, then take a look at the posts I’ve featured from them. Like many artists, they’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple of years… for good reasons. The pandemic surely played a part, but so did the fact that the…

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Little Hurricane – That Woman / Poor Me

     One of Vodka’s favorite rock couples, Little Hurricane, had a new long-player in 2019, and it slipped beneath the radar for some reason. Enter That Woman and  Poor Me from their August 2019 long-player, Love Luck! There is no duo in rock and roll that has the big sound of Little Hurricane!  Their music hearkens from blues rock and roots rock, but it is absolutely their own formula.  If dirty blues is the style, then Little Hurricane is the ruler of that style.  For the uninitiated…

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Little Hurricane – OTL

     Little Hurricane is a big favorite here at Vodka. If you’ve missed our posts, here’s a brief look back: Give Em Hell – Video / Review, December 15, 2012 Haunted Heart – Video / Review, January 26. 2013 Crocodile Tears – Video/ Review, July 11, 2013 Sheep In Wolves Clothes – Video / Review, July 8, 2015 I always find it fascinating that this duo has the sound of a band twice their size. If you are a fan of good rock and roll, the indie rock of Little Hurricane is hard to ignore….

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